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Re: [PLUG] Verizon DSL

On Friday 17 September 2004 12:18 pm, Doug Crompton wrote:

> I would not care if I had to call between 9-12 on mon,wed and Fri. The
> point is I doubt I will be able to get a third party. This was the whole
> issue a year ago. Verizon will not let third parties into their RT's. They
> would not even let themselves into their RT's for awhile. I guess that is
> starting to change though.

What's an RT?
My DCA line is provisioned by Verizon - so Verizon installed the line, DCA 
provides the ISP functionality (IPs, routing, etc). 

> > Unfortunately that's not true. With PPOE, your linux box needs to have a
> > PPOE daemon running (just as you need a PPP daemon running on dialup).
> > There's a couple available and they work fine (I had straight Verizon for
> > a couple of months before discovering they lied about the availability of
> > static IPs and in order to upgrade from dynamic to static I had to get a
> > real ISP).

> I am not sure what you are saying - lied about static IP's? - 

When I initially signed up for DSL through Verizon they told me that if I 
decided I wanted a static IP I could upgrade later. When I attempted to do 
so, it suddenly became "unavailable in your area" (despite my having very 
explicitly asked).

> I would be getting their "business DSL with static IP" - so I can run web
> and other servers. I run virtual web hosting - one static IP now.

Then you shouldn't have a problem. They probably charge you for extra IPs 
though. (I currently have four of five from DCA).

> Would it be better to run a DSL router, let it handle PPOE, and pass the
> one static IP to Linux (if you can do that), which would do the actual
> 192.168 local routing?

I'm not sure if there's such a beastie, never having tried to implement it. If 
you are using a linux box to do the 192.168.x.x routing then there's no real 
point (IMO) in adding an extra piece of hardware, just have that linux box 
run PPOE as well, it's not a heavy weight process. (And on my mandrake box 
installing it would just be a matter of "urpmi rp-ppoe" - there's even 
graphical config tools if you want them).

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