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Re: [PLUG] Verizon DSL

On Fri, 17 Sep 2004, Malcolm J Harwood wrote:

> What's an RT?
> My DCA line is provisioned by Verizon - so Verizon installed the line, DCA
> provides the ISP functionality (IPs, routing, etc).

An RT is a remote terminal. Verizon or the telephone industries name for a
remote CO. They generally use fiber to this site and then essentially
creat a small remote CO. They are all over. Verizon has probably not
created a real CO in 20 years. When there is a need to remote to a cuurent
CO, like a housing development way out, they create an RT on site to serve
it from a current CO.

The problem is that DSL will not work over fiber. It is designed to work
over copper. Remote DSL hardware has been created to work at these RT's
though and Verizon is using them and putting them online on a continuing
basis. The problem is at my last take they were not allowing third parties
to do likewise. Thus my heavy doubts that DCA or any other third party
would be able to do it. I will check and keep you informed.


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