Jeff Abrahamson on 23 Sep 2004 12:12:02 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Dedicated loop?

On Wed, Sep 22, 2004 at 02:26:15PM -0400, Pat Regan wrote:
> Anyway, I've got my own Debian machine with 64 meg of ram (turned
> out to be enough, wasn't sure it would cut it), 3 gig of disk, and
> 50 gig of transfer per month for $15/month.  I added an extra IP for
> 2 dollars to do my secondary DNS.  I know I should have secondary on
> another machine, but if this machine goes down I don't really care
> if my dns doesn't resolv :p.

Except that people would get host-not-responding errors instead of

> I don't know what kind of services you are running, but I am running
> apache+mod_perl, postgresql, sshd, pop3/smtp, mailman, and bind.  I
> tweaked postgres to not hog so much ram, and I actually ended up
> with plenty to spare.
> I am currently hosting web and email for 4 domains, and they have all been
> quite responsive.  My uptime is approaching 78 days, which was probably
> the day I ordered service.
> If you are interested, is the provider I ended up
> choosing.

Wow, that's cool.  I wasn't aware I could get this so cheap.  I've
often wondered what I will do when I leave Philadelphia (probably in
three years if this PhD thing keeps going well).  A lot of markets
make static IP and good bandwidth hard to find.

For now I have DCA/Covad 1.5 down 384 up service so that I can X in
from school to read mail.  When I had the 640/128 service I got to
find out that emacs under X repaints from left to right.


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