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Re: [PLUG] Mutt, Mozilla and missing files

On Tue, Sep 28, 2004 at 11:05:47PM -0400, wrote:
>   [35 lines, 200 words, 1494 characters]  Top characters: et_ioasl
> I've been using w3m as a text based browser inside of Mutt
> (Thanks for that tip, Gabe!)  However, I like to browse further
> from the email's url and have become habituated to using a tabbed browser
> like firefox/Mozilla.  Also, w3m ties up my mutt session so I have to 
> quit browsing to continue reading email.  I'd like a browser that
> would "spawn" off a new tab or window when I open an html attachment.
> Unfortunately for me, I cannot get either Mozilla or Firefox to work with Mutt.  

A somewhat orthogonal option is to run mutt in gnome-terminal.  Then
control-clicking URL's works because gnome-terminal understands what
to do.  Mutt is none the wiser.


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