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Re: [PLUG] 2/2 keysigning final details

Eric J. Roode wrote:

You have the option of either printing out a bunch of slips of paper with your key's fingerprint on them, and handing them out to all the other participants (make sure you print enough!) -- or of printing out one copy for yourself and reading it aloud to the other participants, which they'll check against the printout of everyone's keys (which I'll print out and give to everyone). Either method is fine.

I have been informed that, due to the number of keys on the PLUG keyring, and the comparatively few people who typically participate in the (formerly monthly) keysignings, that the latter method (reading your key aloud) tends not to be very practical. Therefore, please print out a number of copies of your key's fingerprint (please, not your key!) with the expecation that you'll hand them out to others (and collect a bunch yourself), at the signing party.

How many copies to print?  One for every participant.  How many people
will participate?  I have no clue. :-) I would guess fewer than a
dozen, but I could be wrong.

How do print out your key's fingerprint?  The cheap-and-easy way is:

   gpg --fingerprint 'my name' | lpr

For a nicer display, try my gpg2ps program, described below.

If you want to print out copies of your fingerprint to hand out to others, you might want to try my gpg2ps program, available at (requires Perl and gpg). [Note to Art Alexion: I added the checklist as an option :-)]

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