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RE: [PLUG] Fwd: Wireless Philadelphia ... RFP available

Title: RE: [PLUG] Fwd: Wireless Philadelphia ... RFP available

Below are two requirements from the RFP.

Support for seamless, in-motion usage throughout the Coverage Area by subscribers with service provisioned through a SP. This includes the ability for subscribers to maintain “session-level” persistence while the subscriber’s device is in motion at speeds up to sixty (60) miles per hour. This capability must be supported with no interruption to applications running on the device.

Support for defining and managing unilateral, inbound roaming relationships whereby subscribers to other Wi-Fi services (e.g. T-Mobile, Sprint) may gain access to the System. WP will be responsible for the negotiation of any business relationships with other Wi-Fi service providers and/or aggregators.

WOW....these are two heavy duty requirements.
Will your "external" IP keep changing? What about a site that logs IP address and sees it change
every couple seconds as you pass from zone to zone?

Now I see why Verizon Ok'ed. Their customers will have access to the cities system, and not have to
use their own equipment...At least as I read it.


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>I think the bigger issue with this initiative is the bill that Governor
>Rendell signed to allow the Telco companies the chance to block any
>community based WiFi access program. Basically Verizon said it
>would allow
>Philadelphia to go through with its plans and Verizon, but
>where does that
>leave every other county in PA?
>I like our gov. don't get me wrong but for some reason that
>just doesn't sit
>right with me.

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