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Re: [PLUG] OT:Phone & DSL service?

On 08 Apr, 2005, at 02:38, M.Simons wrote:
On Thu, 7 Apr 2005, Michael Lazin wrote:
I pay 50 bucks a month+tax for combined DSL and phone service from
cavelier.  Phone service includes caller id, call waiting, and 3 way
calling.  DSL is a static IP with no usage restrictions.  I run a
number of servers.

You say +tax here. That is what I am wondering about. If it was only
sales tax, then this would be a good deal.. however.. doesn't it also
include lots of 'fcc' etc. fees USF charge, etc. etc., such as detailed on
http://www.cavtel.com/support/Taxes_and_Fees.shtml ? So it's $50+ all
those fees? In my estimation those fees can total quite a lot, and would
make things more expensive than I am paying right now. Can you say how
much the bill is in total with all those fees and taxes?

Thanks.. (this is exactly the sort of information I am interested in, so
it is appreciated.)

All of the assorted City, State and Federal taxes and "fees" are about equal
to 40-50% of your total bill. So if the basic service is $50, expect the
total bill to be more like $90.

My basic monthly phone service from Cavalier is $22 a month, Taxes and fees
run about $15. ... They just "repriced" -- the monthly fee went down from
$28 to $22, but the "taxes and fees" went from $9 to $15 -- the total amount
of the check I send them stayed the same.

William H. Magill

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