George Theall on 11 Apr 2005 00:35:27 -0000

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On Sat, Apr 09, 2005 at 09:42:03PM -0400, Flint Heart wrote:

>  I plan on
> getting a pvr-350 next (for the hardware decoding) 

I'm using a PVR-350 in my Myth box and am finding it frustrating to use
for TV-Out.  The initial setup with X and TV-Out was no picnic and DVD
playback is problemmatic.  But the biggest problem now is that the IvyTV
decoder module has been hanging whenever fast-forwarding or using the
commercial skip.  Downgrading to Myth 0.16 seems to have helped somewhat
but doesn't resolve the issue entirely.  I'm seriously tempted to move
away from the PVR-350 and use a real graphics card for TV-Out. 

There's been some discussion on the ivtv-devel list about this; eg, see:

but there doesn't appear to be a good solution.  [Note that Chris
Kennedy, the author of the message, is the person responsible for the
current IvyTV drivers.]


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