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RE: [PLUG] Fwd: Wireless Philadelphia ... RFP available

Title: RE: [PLUG] Fwd: Wireless Philadelphia ... RFP available

Well, one thing I was thinking about was that one clause that anyone
who wants to bid, will need to put down $100,000 security bond. Now,
that should help weed out those that will go bancrupt trying to do what
is impossible, but just wanted the contract, and wasting money.

But what is a security bond? Is is basically cash? I didn't see any
interest rate for holding it either. So if it's cash, and the city gets
bids from 10 contractors, that's 1,000,000 security, held for say 6 months
while they decide who paid enough to get the bid, then refund all but the
winning bidders security. How much interest will that accrue for the city?
or rather the non-profit company attempting this? (or is that not for profit).


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>> I don't know. That RFP sounded like someone was dreaming.
>I would be more inclined to say, "someone was ingesting hallucinogenic
>It will take a LOT of watching to see if what emerges is anything
>different than what you can get at Starbucks or Cosi.
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