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Re: [PLUG] mozilla/html question

Jeff Abrahamson wrote:
> The following page does not render properly for me in mozilla 1.7.5:


> I see overlapping text: the bottom contact info displays in partial
> overlap with the bullet list.

> I have seen this sort of error before with mozilla, so I would like to
> submit a bug report, but I am unsure what to say besides the above.
> It's also not worth submitting a bug report if this has been fixed in
> later versions.

> Can anyone help me make this more specific or tell me that it's fine
> for them with a later version of mozilla?

Before trying to report it as a bug in Mozilla, you should run it
through the W3C's relevant validators...just HTML, in this case (no
CSS).  I think you'll find that the page does not validate as valid HTML.

Mozilla does do its best to try to render pages as best in can when
they're not valid HTML, but, really, all bets are off.

FWIW, Firefox only seems to overlap the "Position Available" and "Layton
Links"...but the graphic in the bottom left was broken, didn't download
or whatever.

It looks like there's a character in the page that may be confusing
regular Mozilla...the W3C's HTML validator complained about a character
on line 97 that it couldn't handle as utf-8 or us-ascii (I tried
both)...that's around about the part of the page that you were
complaining about Mozilla's rendering.

The page doesn't have a charset encoding, or a doctype, so its kind of
broken by nature, but even falling back to reasonable defaults, its not
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