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Re: [PLUG] Ubuntu

Cosmin Nicolaescu wrote:

> A few weeks ago we got a box full of Ubuntu Live & Installation CD's. I
> popped the livecd in to see how it compares with Knoppix. I was very
> dissapointed. Not only did it load a lot slower, but it did not have as
> many apps as Knoppix, and it had some really bad scripting involved (I
> understand errors like failing to load a module because the hardware
> wasn't there - although this could be avoided in a not-so-difficult
> manner), but trying to write to a ro environment that _it_ set is just
> stupid (no offense to anyone).

I have not had a lot of luck with the Live CDs.  The warty installation,
though, was quite smooth.  As for the Ubuntu vs. Knoppix regarding live
CDs, Knoppix is KDE, and Ubuntu is Gnome.

One of the stated principles of the Ubuntu developers is to keep the
installation to one CD, with apt or synaptic to install the rest of what
the user needs.  In other words the basic install is going to be basic.

The live CDs reflect that spare base install I suppose.

> My question would be: what's so great about Ubuntu (other than a flshy
> name). I mean, it uses apt (from what I read on their site). Is it just
> Debian with newer packages (like even more recent then the testing (or
> unstable, I don't reacall if they're the same or not) branch from
> Debian?). 

New packages and an attempt to make a Debian-based distro for the
technically less adept.  A Linux distro for the masses.

It does not always succeed, but for the most part it does.

Personally, I tired of Red Hat.  Mandrake refused to install.  The SuSE
I had access to was only on DVD which is not hardware on my machine. 
Gentoo looked interesting, but a challenge to install, and few people on
this list (which I rely on for things I can't figure out myself) seemed
to be using it.  I liked what I had read of Debian, and Ubuntu seemed a
less conservative version of it.

> Knoppix is also Debian-based, and its strength is awesome
> hardware detection (which I don't understand why more linux distros don't
> adopt). What does Ubuntu have that no other distro offers, or what does it
> offer more/better?

I was looking for a distro to install, not a live CD.  I use Knoppix for


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