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Re: [PLUG] not-exactly-OT:TIVO and HME/TTG

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M.Simons wrote:
> On Sat, 14 May 2005, Eugene Smiley wrote:
>>Can you record HD content: Not in HD, sorry.
>>I have Comcast basic service (analog only). I can't stand the
>>thought of paying rediculous prices for digital content especially
>>with HD OTA rolling out.
> Correction: there ARE HD Tivos available. Specifically I know of
> one the HR10-250 DirecTV with TiVo
> "DirecTV HD TiVos contain 2 DirecTV SD/HD/OTA tuners (a total of 3
> coax inputs) which can receive/record standard definition and high
> definition programming from DirecTV as well as local digital/HDTV
> broadcasts brought in by an antenna."

Touche. I should have specified HD TiVos for cable. Does a DirecTiVo
work with analog cable? Looking at, I'd have to say no.
Although it has 3 inputs as you say, 2 of them are the satellite feed
and only one is for ATSC. It also says it has 2 ATSC tuners, so it
must use an internal splitter.

Thinking a bit about it, I doubt that DirecTV would build a TiVo
capable of EASILY recording cable. It would be bad for the business
model. Offering guide data for any cable provider? No Way.

As of the end of December '04:

"In development, but no consumer interest," seems to be the excuse.


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