Tom Diehl on 30 May 2005 05:34:29 -0000

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[PLUG] Re: AOL weird spam behavior

On Sun, 29 May 2005 17:20:59 -0400 Stephen Gran said:

> On Sun, May 29, 2005 at 04:27:56PM -0400, Jeff Abrahamson said:
> > I'm trying to figure out how to handle AOL.
> >
> > I was having trouble with AOL not accepting mail from me.  I would get
> > messages like this from them:
> >
> > I set this up.  All of the complaints are AOL users complaining about
> > legitimate mail coming from hosted lists to which they have
> > subscribed.
> Use verp for mailing lists.  You will then see who complained from the
> envelope that aol sends the message back to.  then just unsubscribe the
> individual knuckleheads and wait.  There's nothing else you can do with
> aol, unfortunately - they just are too bug to listen or care.
> If you are using mailman 2.0, verp is easy.  If you're using 1.x, it
> will have to be done inside of exim (I think you use exim4) and there
> are some tricks floating around for that.  Let me (us) know if you need
> help setting it up.

Hummm, I was just doing a little googling on this problem and came across this:

If you can tolerate the sending email address in the footer that might be a
simple solution. Wish I had thought of it. :-)


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