Mark Dominus on 12 Aug 2005 13:38:48 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Mouse puzzle

Dan Widyono:
> Are any of the mice speaking IMPS/2?  Check the source for the mouse drivers
> for IM if so; I recall reading something about initializing the hardware
> before using it.

Sorry, I don't follow you.  What is IM?  I don't have "mouse" drivers;
as far as I know.  The regular serial device driver should be handling
this device, shouldn't it?

> Your reasoning below about it not being protocol might not work if the above
> is true: the IM mouse will spew stuff, but not correct stuff, if not
> initialized (so says my random theory).  

But if what it's spewing is valid at the level of the physical
protocol, then I should see some data on the serial device, even if
that data can't be sensibly interpreted as a description of how the
mouse is moving.  No?

> Dan shot-in-the-proverbial-dark W.

Thanks.  I hope you can clarify this for me.
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