Dan Widyono on 12 Aug 2005 14:05:32 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Mouse puzzle

> Sorry, I don't follow you.  What is IM?  I don't have "mouse" drivers;
> as far as I know.  The regular serial device driver should be handling
> this device, shouldn't it?

Sorry, Intellimouse.  M$ mouse.  Der Maus. (Die? Der?)

> But if what it's spewing is valid at the level of the physical
> protocol, then I should see some data on the serial device, even if
> that data can't be sensibly interpreted as a description of how the
> mouse is moving.  No?

Yes, I just realized that after I posted, but it was still early in the
morning for me so I couldn't bear responding to myself.

Good luck,
Dan W.

Only thing I can think of, completely out of the blue, would be a very subtle
electronic timing issue.  But I don't understand the UARTs on today's PC's
enough to know if they buffer, etc.  So this might mean that the particular
PC on which you're testing in Linux is having the problem... I no longer
remember if you said whether or not you've tested on any other machines with
Linux and with Windows.

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