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Re: [PLUG] Mounting SATA RAID NTFS in Fedora Core 3

On 8/16/05, chris@chrisbovasso.com <chris@chrisbovasso.com> wrote:


> 1. Does the 'superblock' error on boot mean that Fedora, like XP, can not
> cleanly mount the drives because of sector errors?
> 2. If not, am I using dmraid incorrectly? Does it automagically mount my
> /dev/sdb to somewhere that I am not aware of?
> 3. I have /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2. Which of these do I
> try to mount? I have been trying sda or sdb but are those the *physical*
> drives whereas sda1 and sda2 are the "RAID" created drives?
> 4. If I am going about this completely wrong, how do I properly mount a
> raid sata partition in Fedora?

The device files //dev/sda and sdb represent your raw drives. sda1 and
sda2 are partitions that the kernel thinks it sees on sda. I'm not
sure how partitions work on your bios-raid system, but I don't think
they are really meaningful.

The peice of the puzzle that you seem to be missing is that dmraid
will create  new device files to represent the raid volume (and any
partitions on that volume). The dmraid device file(s) should be
/dev/mapper/<something>, where the <something> is a long-ish string
that depends on the type of bios raid and some other factors.

Just look in /dev/mapper/ after running dmraid, and you should see the
files there. See the following howto from the ubuntu forums:


> Thanks guys, I know this is alot of information all at once. I have
> scowered the internet for answers but I didnt want to start blindly
> flailing around until I asked the group first.

Glad to help.

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