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Re: [PLUG] Mounting SATA RAID NTFS in Fedora Core 3

Thanks for the reply. I did find the /dev/mapper directory filled with
dmraid's files. However when I try to open any of them I am unable to do
so. If I do it through the GUI I get a simple "could not display" error.

Is there something else I am doing wrong? The files that are in
/dev/mapper are:

control           sil_acababaaajfg1  VolGroup00-LogVol00
sil_acababaaajfg  sil_acababaaajfg2  VolGroup00-LogVol01

Thanks again for your help.


> On 8/16/05, <> wrote:
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>> 1. Does the 'superblock' error on boot mean that Fedora, like XP, can
>> not
>> cleanly mount the drives because of sector errors?
>> 2. If not, am I using dmraid incorrectly? Does it automagically mount my
>> /dev/sdb to somewhere that I am not aware of?
>> 3. I have /dev/sda, /dev/sdb, /dev/sda1 and /dev/sda2. Which of these do
>> I
>> try to mount? I have been trying sda or sdb but are those the *physical*
>> drives whereas sda1 and sda2 are the "RAID" created drives?
>> 4. If I am going about this completely wrong, how do I properly mount a
>> raid sata partition in Fedora?
> The device files //dev/sda and sdb represent your raw drives. sda1 and
> sda2 are partitions that the kernel thinks it sees on sda. I'm not
> sure how partitions work on your bios-raid system, but I don't think
> they are really meaningful.
> The peice of the puzzle that you seem to be missing is that dmraid
> will create  new device files to represent the raid volume (and any
> partitions on that volume). The dmraid device file(s) should be
> /dev/mapper/<something>, where the <something> is a long-ish string
> that depends on the type of bios raid and some other factors.
> Just look in /dev/mapper/ after running dmraid, and you should see the
> files there. See the following howto from the ubuntu forums:
>> Thanks guys, I know this is alot of information all at once. I have
>> scowered the internet for answers but I didnt want to start blindly
>> flailing around until I asked the group first.
> Glad to help.
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