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Re: [PLUG] mail headers - Thunderbird filters

Art Clemons wrote:

>>My suggestion when dealing with spam is still bayesian filtering. I set up
>>spamprove on my server, and withing 2 weeks my spam dropped by 98%. The
>>false positives were reduced to 1% after the first 3 weeks. It's totally
>>worth it, and in spamprobe's case the CPU usage is very low.
>I've found that Thunderbird's adaptive junk mail detection is quite good
> once trained.  The other point is that by going to my junk directory, I
>can easily see what the filters included that should not have been.
>It's not perfect, but my spam load is certain well down.

For me, Thunderbird's spam controls only catch 60%.  They seem to have
"adapted" to that level over a couple of weeks, and then leveled off. 
OTOH, spamassassin, which I can use with kmail, filters out about 95%
with only 2 days use.  Kmail simultaneously uses spamassassin and
bayesian filters, and each piece of mail that gets through has two level
indicators, one for each of the two.  The spamassassin seems much more
accurate, but the bayesian filters should improve with repeated use.

For me, I like Thunderbird, but feel spam filtering is its weakness as
its adaptive filters don't seem capable of manual tweaking, and it
doesn't make it easy to add third party filters.


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