George Gallen on 22 Nov 2005 15:16:50 -0000

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RE: [PLUG] inexpensive wireless bridge (without using a PC)

Last night I upgraded the firmware of the WAP54g to the latest software,
  at least the latest available on the linksys website.

I'm confused on setting up the routing/subnetting.

My wireless router (Dlink) is and has the internet connection.

What would I set the WAP54g mode/IP to assuming the ethernet connection on 
   the back is hooked directly to a PC. That PC uses DHCP for IP assignment
   (although for testing, I can always hardcode the address).

My problem is what do I set as the gateway address for the WAP, I tried leaving it
   blank, but it wouldn't allow that. Do I use the (router address),
   and the gateway address for the PC, would that be the IP of the WAP? but DHCP
   would normally set that, so I'm not sure.

Is it possible for the DHCP request from the PC to sent to the Dlink router
   for an IP assignment?

Or should I just give up with this, and shell out for a WEP (which might have
   the same problem of not playing nice with a non-linksys).


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> So you have a DLINK running as a normal Wireless Access Point 
>  / Router
> with a WAN connection.
> And you have a WAP you really want to use "backwords" as a 
> routed client.
> If the WAP doesn't have a config option to run as a Client 
> instead of an
> AP I'm not sure this will work.   Plus you have to get the 
> routing all 
> correctly
> configured.  ( Since your wired and Wireless are on different 
> networks,  you
> need the client running in router mode - not bridge mode )
> You might look into the Sveasoft "Freya" replacement software 
> for the WAP
> to see if they support a routed client mode.
> I'm using a WRT-54G AP,  with a 2nd WRT-54G running Sveasoft
> Talisman-Basic as a client just as you describe above.
> In this case even the "client" mode wouldn't quite work, but WDS "LAN"
> mode running on both allows the 2nd radio to be a bridged 
> client.   WDS
> probably won't work with the DLINK, however.
> Sveasoft is now starting to support many of the Linux based 
> radios from
> Linksys, Belkin, Buffalotech,  and Asus  with the Talisman build.
> Lee Marzke
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