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Re: [PLUG] OT: Verizon DSL interface

Doug Crompton wrote:

>I am about to bring my cousin up on Verizon DSL. I see they provide a disk
>for installation and apparently there is a choice of Yahoo or MSN or mail.
>My question is do I have to use this install disk? 

>Can I not just manually
>setup Outlook express and POP mail from Verizon? 
Yes.  In fact, you don't even have to install OE, just use the web mail

>I am using a DSL router
>in the configuraton, connected to the DSL modem. I presume I need to setup
>PPOE in the linksys router and use a username/PW - Does Verizon supply
>this username/PW ???
Password should have been chosen at sign up and is always the same
(unless you change it).  Username can be either the email address user
or the one supplied by Verizon (something like vx???????) -- either one
works the same.

>My goal is to make this as straight forward and simple as possible with
>the minumum junk added to the system. I think this would be similiar to a
>strictly Linux/Verizon setup as I don't think their setup disk would work
>for Linux.
What you won't get if you don't install from the disk:

    * Diagnostic software -- for when you aren't there to help.
    * their PPPoE "dialer" -- winpoet -- useful for direct connection to
      the modem when troubleshooting a connection and bypassing the
      router.  You don't have to use it normally, and its presence on
      the system doesn't seem to interfere with connecting through a router.
    * Stuff they give you through Yahoo (disclaimer: we never installed
      or used the MSN stuff) -- this includes a 2 GB mailbox on their
      POP server (for each user) as opposed to 10 MB for the account,
      without Yahoo.  Some server storage for sending or sharing large
      files.  Free antivirus (Computer Associates), anti-spyware, pop-up
      blocker, and parental controls -- with free updates.  Decent
      server-based spam filtering (stuff filtered as spam is kept in
      "bulk" folder and doesn't count against use of server space). 
      Disposable email aliases for registrations you know will sell your
      address (delete them after registration is complete; reactivate
      them if you need to tinker with your registration).  Sorry if this
      sounds like a plug, but the free Yahoo stuff would really be worth
      the money if it cost anything extra.  More may be included that I
      haven't found a use for.  You can install it without the install
      disk by downloading just the Yahoo installer from the Verizon site.
    * Last, the bin directory on the install disk has sub-directories
      for each of the pieces, and each piece has its own setup.exe
      installer.  You can install selectively.

I use my Linux box as my router.  Email me off list if you need any of
the Verizon settings (DNS, mail servers, etc.)


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