Aaron Mulder on 4 Jan 2006 04:35:47 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Re: SATA and Raid

On 1/3/06, Toby DiPasquale <toby@cbcg.net> wrote:
> AFAIK, most PCIe boards can accept PCI-X cards in PCIe slots. Intel's can,
> anyway.

Really?  That's cool.  But it has to depend on the speed of the slot,
right?  I mean, the x1 PCI Express slots are only like 1" long, and a
PCI-X slot is huge.

Hmm -- I'm not so sure I believe you.  For example,


The PCI Express and PCI-X slots are separate on that one.  But it's
the only one I checked.  :)

Anyway, regarding Doug's point on 533 MHz PCI-X, the fastest card I've
actually seen is 64-bit 133Mhz, but perhaps they're building them to
the faster spec now.

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