Isaac Bennetch on 25 Apr 2006 14:23:56 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] lilo to mbr

I may be over-simplifying the problem or over-complicating the
solution[1], but I would:
* boot off boot floppy
* mount the new partition (with, say, mkdir /mnt/newPart; mount
/dev/hda1 /mnt/newPart)
* chroot to the new mount (cd /mnt/newPart; chroot .)
* cd etc, edit lilo.conf, run `lilo`
* reboot and it should work.

I may be missing telling you of some important lilo option, but
looking at my lilo.conf it seems having boot=/dev/hda is all one needs
to force it to install on the mbr.

[1]: So use at your own risk, it's worked for me in the past but I'm
working from memory and that's not to say it's the best (or correct)
way of doing it. Standard disclaimers apply, of course ;-)

On 4/25/06, Ronald Kaye Jr <> wrote:
> installing slackware.
> fdisk to (d)elete old fedora partitions, (n) to create new ones
> mistake during lilo bootloader screen.
> did not copy to mbr.
> obviously hangs as grub boot loader looks for NOW non-existent partitions.
> how do i transfer LILO to mbr?
> have a boot floppy
> rk
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