Brett Harris on 27 Apr 2006 18:53:52 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Summer IT Internship


What, just because you live with my slacker co-worker you think you can
suggest things, GEEZ!

Seriously though, I think I'm too late to get in on this summers co-op. 
By their online calendar (
jobs were already supposed to begin at the beginning of the month.


avijit ghosh said:
> I am biased :) Seriously though, I am a faculty member over at Drexel
> and our undergrads, well those in the physics dept are all growing up
> on Linux (the public undergrad cluster), the kids learn decent coding
> skills for scientific programming, parallel programming (MPI). We have I
> think 4 or 5 large linux clusters, in our dept alone.
>   I am sure the CS dept has something similar and the coop program
> is basically like an internship for the undergrads, our department is
> all about Linux/GPL/GNU etc etc, we all have obligatory unix beards
> in fact!
> (not really)
> -best,
> -avi
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