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Re: [PLUG] voip...

I've heard that VoIP calls to 911 don't always work the same as they
would on landlines. For example, here's Vonage's statement on it:

There was a story on Slashdot a few months ago that Vonage put a 911
caller on hold:

I have no personal experiences with VoIP to share, but that sounds at
least a little troubling to me.

On 6/1/06, George Gallen <> wrote:
well, I bought the voip box last night, also bought a wireless gaming interface
(or rather a WAP) so I could situate the voip box where I wanted it, instead of
where my router is.

So far it sounds fairly clean, havn't given up my landline yet. I'll give it a
couple months. For now it's just one phone hooked up (I call it the bat phone).

Anyone have any cons on vonage/voip? (aside from pricing issues - which for me
won't be a problem, as it's 1/3 of my current phone service with no loss in
service abilities, at least I don't think any loss).


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> If you bought it from the provider, it's generally locked to the
> provider.  It's not
> a standards issue,  but vendor lock-in.  Did you get the
> passwords for
> the box ?
> I've heard you can buy the same box unlocked from Linksys,
> but I think
> you have
> to register as a telcom installer.
> Lee Marzke
> George Gallen wrote:
> > I did a quick check, it's only two wires to disconnect at the box.
> > I'll have to give it a shot.
> >
> > Does anyone know if the linksys voip box works with any other server
> > besides vonage? Is the voip a standard yet?
> >
> >
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