Mike Leone on 2 Jun 2006 00:12:53 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Confused about using cacview with mutt and mailcap entries

Jeff Abrahamson wrote:
I have the following lines in my mailcap file:
    image/*; eog %s ; test=/home/jeff/bin/RunningX
    image/*; cacaview %s
    image/*; /usr/bin/identify %s; copiousoutput

Note the inverted order of the tests: If X is running, if X is not
running, then if it's inline (auto-view'ed).

In my muttrc I have the following:

alternative_order text/plain text application/postscript image/*
auto_view image/*
I added those 3 lines to /etc/mailcap, commenting out all other "image/" entries, and adding the other entries to my muttrc. Mutt now says

mailcap entry for type image/jpeg not found

and then shows the JPG attachment as text ....

Using the latest mutt from Debian testing.

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