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Re: [PLUG] Upgraded from Breezy to Dapper

On Monday 17 July 2006 16:44, wrote:
> I've successfully, as far as I can tell, upgraded from Kubuntu Breezy to
> Dapper (6.06 LTS).  All I did was change the references from "breezy" to
> "dapper" in "/etc/apt/sources.list" and ran the usually apt-get commands.

Seems the danger of spending too much time reading distro and software 
dedicated lists is that you see a disproportionate level of problems.  So 
I've been reluctant to upgrade.

When I went Warty->Hoary->Breezy, I also deleted the old CD in sources.list 
and downloaded and added the new one.  Cut back on download time in the 
upgrade process and gave me a backup disk if I needed it.  I understand that 
Dapper CD being recommended at the web site is an installable live CD (that 
doesn't do upgrades).  In light of this difference, I am wondering if I 
should do the same with this upgrade.  I think there is also a standard 
install CD available if one digs around a bit.

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