Eric Hidle on 15 Sep 2006 13:53:30 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Speaking of VPN [WAS: linux-friendly router with printserver?]

Speaking of VPN, this NetGear device smells a little bit like I could install them in a bunch of places and create a secure private network. Is this to say that I could, for example, put one at my house, one at my parents' place, and one, say, in my friend's house, and have all of our internal machines accessible to each other over the VPN?

This is something I've been wanting to do for a while with cheap COTS stuff rather than having a linux box at each place.

Chad Vogelsong wrote:
You may want to consider just getting a generic router / firewall. We use the Netgear VPN Firewall FVS114 at work and distribute them to our employees for home VPN connections. I think they were around $70 each, but if you don't need VPN, you can go as low as $40 - $50 for a decent FW / Router.

You definitely don't need to run the Windows setup utility for the FVS114. Just plug it in, get a DHCP address, and connect with a web browser.

For your print server, you can use the Hawking HPS1P (parallel) or HPS1U (usb). They run about $50 - $55. Of course they come with a Windows only print server manager, but you can use this perl script to configure them also.

I helped add some options to it, so I know it works.


Bob Heise wrote:
torsdag 14 september 2006 12:58 skrev Greg Helledy:
I have my linux desktop connected to a little old PC which acts as a
firewall, dialup gateway, and printserver. It runs linux (SME Server
6.0). The printserver is set up in raw mode (the print driver is on the

I am sick of dialup and decided to try Verizon's $15 DSL. However, my
firewall PC has only one PCI slot and will require 2 network cards for DSL.

If you need one I'm sure I have an ISA network card around here you could have ;), though from reading on I'm guessing that's not the solution you're after.

I am thinking of ditching the firewall PC altogether and replacing it
with a router, but want to keep the printserver capability.  Of course
these are available but some seem to require windows-only software
installed on the client machine.

Does anyone have a recommendation for a combined router/printserver,
that doesn't require windows, and handles parallel port printers as well
as USB, and is wired? Like this:

Hmm, I don't see any mention of USB on the technical details page. Then again it _does_ have "Smart Wizard and Install Assistant for basic parabeter[sic] settings", oh boy parabeters!

It's $80 on amazon.  Is this what I should be looking to spend?

Greg Helledy

-Bob Heise

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