Darian Anthony Patrick on 3 Feb 2007 18:35:47 -0000

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Re: [PLUG] Daylight Savings Time

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Stephen Gran wrote:
> You'll need to update your zoneinfo file (mine is
> /usr/share/zoneinfo/Europe/London, yours will probably be
> America/NewYork or something).  You can download new zoneinfo data from
> here:
> ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/tzsource*.tar.gz
> And you can build new zone files with:
> mkdir -p tzgen/{posix,right}
> tar -xzf tzsource*.tar.gz
> for zone in africa antarctica asia australasia europe northamerica southamerica etcetera factory solar87 solar88 solar89 backward systemv ; do 
>   /usr/sbin/zic -d tzgen -L /dev/null -y tzsource/yearistype.sh tzsource/${zone} 
>   /usr/sbin/zic -d tzgen/posix -L /dev/null -y tzsource/yearistype.sh tzsource/${zone} 
>   /usr/sbin/zic -d tzgen/right -L tzsource/leapseconds -y tzgen/yearistype.sh tzsource/${zone} 
> done
> The resulting files need to be installed to wherever your distro keeps
> zoneinfo files, presumably also /usr/share/zoneinfo .

For everyone who's jaw dropped when they saw these exact steps laid out,
I'd like note that Stephen knows these things because he just finished
upgrading the timezone data for his refrigerator and dog. :)

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