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Re: [PLUG] BitTorrant and routers - and Comcast

Getting back to Verizon... I got another one of those letter size
envelopes today, the ones that say "special delivery" and have a single
sheet inside. The sheet is an ad for FIOS.

I don't know if anyone can answer these questions but if you can I would
love to have an answer. I was told that once the copper was gone after you
switched to FIOS that it could never be restored. IF that is true then I
would have to assume that going FIOS gives up any use of alternative
(POTS) suppliers in the future? You are then locked into Verizon.

Verizon would then supply phone, data, and TV via FIOS. At that point you
could I suppose you VOIP (if Verizon did not block its use) but the next
question is can you have FIOS Data/TV without phone? I think the answer is
no. So the next question - can you have a minimum FIOS phone package,
similiar to POTS. If you cannot and you have to take the package then why
use VOIP, you are already paying for total service. Thus you are totally
beholden to Verizon.

So if this is all the case then once you go FIOS you are basically locked
into it forever unless you go (assuming it is available) (back) to Comcast
for everything - data, TV, VOIP.

It sounds like there could be a lot of unhappy people who do not think
this out before they jump. Am I right on these assumptions?

I thought when they broke up the phone companies this was suppose to work
like out electric power does not - you pay for a generation supplier
(selectable) and a distribution supplier (always PECO). This would be
analogous to having Verizon supply a pipe to the internet provider of your
choice. That is the way it should be.

Sounds like a good class action suit. Where are the lawyers?


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