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Re: [PLUG] Redhat Flame : Can I save Money Running RedHat?

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  • Subject: Re: [PLUG] Redhat Flame : Can I save Money Running RedHat?
  • Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2007 13:05:49 -0400
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This whole thread is so subjective that it's stupid.

1.  I'm willing to bet $10 that the EBay offer for W2k3R2 is either (a) pirated, or (b) some shady bastard that's selling it OEM with an 'OEM piece of hardware' (ie, something other than a server).  Buy it from MS, CDW, etc and see how much the difference is.

2.  We have no clue what these servers are being used for, therefore we have no way of comparing the adequacy of the OS's at hand.  For all we know, these servers are being used to power automatic toilet flushing systems.  We can't begin to determine value unless we can determine function.

3.  In certain messages, it is stated that phone support is needed.  In others, the exact opposite is stated.  Perhaps phone support is needed for some components, but not others.  In that case, see 2.  Phone support value can not be computed without 2.

4.  Similar to 3, we don't know whether updates are needed or not.  Once again, this also roots back to 2.

5.  Why would the author of the thread be willing to purchase JBoss support for RHEL and not W2K3?  I don't know whether this is meant to heat the flame, or because of something having to do with 2.

FUD is only interesting when it's well thought out :).

On 7/17/07, Austin Murphy < > wrote:
On 7/17/07, Sean C. Sheridan <> wrote:
> >Can you provide an apples to apples comparison?
> Sure here's my scenario....
> I ran 3 Dell Poweredge servers each with 4 CPU's.

- RHEL AS Standard w/12x5 phone support is $1500/system/year.  This
include the standard file/print/web services and also mail, database,
and terminal services, plus full compiler suite and office
appilcations.  These services are not limited per client.
- MS Win2003 svr R2  is $999/system  (assuming you are only doing
file/print/web for 25 or fewer clients). Mail service, database,
compiler suite, office software are all expensive extras.
- Fedora with no phone support and unlimited updates for the life of
the product is $0.

Since you have 4 CPU boxes you need RHEL AS or Advanced Platform.  2x
ES doesn't make sense. Neither does including JBOSS pricing.

Assuming you don't need any MS extras, then yes, RHEL is more
expensive than Win2K3 server.

Since you do seem to care about price and don't seem to care about
phone support, the real question is why aren't you using Fedora?

> Read the following story and you'll understand why so many people feel
> screwed by Redhat.  I will never again support RedHat due to their 180
> degree turn where they chose to alienate 90% of their user base; a stupid
> business practice.  If you choose to use their products, expect to be
> screwed (fair warning).

>From what I read, this looks like a bunch of whiners.  There are
plenty of Linux options, free or otherwise.  The biggest complaint
seems to be that the RedHat brand isn't free anymore.

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