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Re: [PLUG] Kubuntu Gutsy and kdesu

On Thursday 20 December 2007 11:54:35 TuskenTower wrote:
> kdesu has the ability to store passwords for the convenience of
> users. The passwords are NOT written to disk, but stored in memory
> using a special
>        program,  kdesud. This is only done if the user specifies that
> the password be remembered. In this case, passwords are stored in
> memory for a cer‐
>        tain period of time before being removed.

I guess I need to look at the changelog for kdesud,  My problem isn't that it 
remembers the password for a period of time, per se.  It is that the current 
version on Kubuntu seems to share that password among running gui programs 
for the duration of time that it is held in memory.  So, if I launch "kdesu 
kate" to edit, say, "/etc/fstab", and I subsequently launch kcontrol and 
enter administrator mode, I am not asked for the password by kcontrol.  I 
find that behavior disconcerting and a change from the past behavior where 
kdesud only provided the root password to the program initially called.

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