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Re: [PLUG] Linux Certification

Personally I see Suse (openSuse) and Ubuntu being used a lot in desktops and
laptops, but not really in enterprise server environments.  Most enterprise
applications I see such as SAP or Oracle only certify their products to run
on Red Hat Enterprise or Suse Linux Enterprise Server, thereby making those
certifications more sought after.  If you had a Novell environment, with
enterprise applications I could see their SLES certifications being very
valuable.  According to the Ubuntu web site, the Ubuntu certification is an
extension of the LPI tests, requiring you to first pass LPI 101 and LPI 102.
Hopefully Ubuntu will become as popular in the server market as they are in
the desktop market and we will see a growing demand for that certification.

Lee Myers

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On Wednesday 09 January 2008 10:19:57 Lee Myers wrote:
> As an employer, I agree with Brent, that the RHCE still has the most 
> clout.  In general though, I think any certification will show your 
> employers at a glance that you have current skills and are committed 
> to education.

In addition to the RH and LP certs, the Suse and Ubuntu certs were mentioned
but no one discussed them.  Lack of familiarity or are they not particularly
useful in the US?

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