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Re: [PLUG] Linux Certification

On Wednesday 09 January 2008 15:29:40 Lee Myers wrote:
> Personally I see Suse (openSuse) and Ubuntu being used a lot in desktops
> and laptops, but not really in enterprise server environments.  Most
> enterprise applications I see such as SAP or Oracle only certify their
> products to run on Red Hat Enterprise or Suse Linux Enterprise Server,
> thereby making those certifications more sought after.  If you had a Novell
> environment, with enterprise applications I could see their SLES
> certifications being very valuable.

So I assume the certifications are for server administration and not desktop 
Linux.  I know this is a more widespread implementation of Linux in a 
business environment, but in the shop where I work, it is an MS 
infrastructure, with slow paced introduction of Linux on Desktops, so I have 
a tendency to think of Linux as a Desktop OS.  (We are using *Ubuntu and 

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