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Re: [PLUG] [Fwd: Joining an AD domain]

On Thursday 28 February 2008 22:49:15 Michael Leone wrote:
> I'm trying to join a Samba 3 server to a Win2003 AD domain (at home, for
> educational purposes). And I keep finding documents that say things like:
> >Ensure the kerberos and samba packages are installed on the linux box
> and
> >A familiarity with Kerberos is assumed.
> Not the most comprehensive level of detail, IMO. Which Kerberos
> packages? I know AD; Kerberos I don't know.
> Anybody know of an HOWTO with details, preferably for a Debian server?
> I've been to; I'm hoping for something a bit more meaty. For
> example, they refer to a "DNS zone _kerberos._tcp.REALM.NAME " and I
> don't see a zone with that name in my Win2003 DNS. I see a SRV record
> that almost has the same sort of name ...


This got trapped by my spam filter and I just got it today.  If you haven't 
gotten an answer to this try

The tutorial is screenshot only, but I was able to follow it.  I found the 
whole mess flaky with Kubuntu.  art@localhost was user 1000, while art@domain 
was something like user 16645.  Occasionally temp & config files would get 
the wrong user's permissions and I wouldn't be able to start X without a 
chown -R.  I stopped using it.  If your experience is better, let me know as 
I would like to start using it again.

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