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Re: [PLUG] OT: GPS Recommendation Wanted

Michael Leone wrote:
> Eric Hidle wrote:
>> The Garmin GPSMAP 496 makes any consumer auto or nav system look like a
>> total joke.
> <snip>
>> About $2400... and you can get a panel dock that will roughly fit a
>> double DIN, but you might have to do a little massage.
> Don't think I know a single person who would pay that much for a GPS for
> their car. Not anywhere close, actually.
> Certainly only a very small and highly specialized segment of the
> population who would want, or pay for, such a device for their car.

For a _car_ I agree.

Now, for a $ 1/4 million(+) airplane then $2400 is just fine for a backup GPS 
unit - which is the market I _believe_ they are targeting with this device (pun 

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