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Re: [PLUG] OT: GPS Recommendation Wanted

Brian Vagnoni wrote:
> Cartorrent....?
> <>
> Will they ever learn. Can you imagine the security nightmare this
> represents. We are so consumed by what we can do with technology that we
> never consider if we should.

security != privacy

of course,
(privacy(security)) = (security(privacy))

but security != privacy.

there isn't much threat from the standpoint of a peer-distributed system
provided proper checks are in place- such as checksumming information.

while i find the whole idea of "p2p gps" encouraging, i really doubt it
WILL catch on based on a widespread scale. look at Tor, for example.
BRILLIANT idea, INCREDIBLY useful, available to everyone. not many
people actually USE it.

if any sort of cooperative map/directions distribution WERE to occur, it
would very most likely occur on a hidden and involuntary level (a la
skype- bet you didn't know you actually turn your box into a skype
*server* whenever you run the client, did you?- or the Blizzard patching
system for WoW for another example) as this allows the distributors to
still make money without shelling out the money for the resources
necessary to distribute all this.

brent saner.
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