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Re: [PLUG] Ubuntu Hardy and Wubi on Windows

On Sunday 04 May 2008 16:51:34 JP Vossen wrote:
> the Ubuntu side only requires
> the NTFS partition.  Windows can nuke itself into oblivion, but as long
> as NTFS stays clean Ubuntu will work.  Yes, I realize there's a
> good-sized "if" in there.  But in my experience, Windows more often than
> not shoots itself in the foot registry and DLL-wise, rather than by
> corrupting the file system at a partition level.

If windows dies at the dll or registry level, will the Ubuntu partition still 
boot?  If so, I guess it's OK.  I'm pretty sure you'd have to copy it to 
another partition or drive before reinstalling Windows, though.

> > Wubi sounds good for people who are windows users, want to try Linux,
> > want more than a Live boot, but aren't committed to a switch.
> Or for people who have to use Windows for work but also want a more
> native than VMware Ubuntu to use without major surgery (i.e., partition
> messing) to a corporate PC/image.  I'd guess there's a good number of
> people like that on this list.

Sometimes I forget how lucky I am that I work in an all windows shop, but 
don't have to run it myself.

>  Don't forget a 'dpkg-query
> --show | perl -pe 's/^(.*?)\t(?:\d:)?(.*)$/$1_$2/;' | sort' now and then
> so you can remind yourself what packages you installed.

Thanks for this tip.

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