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Re: [PLUG] [almost OT] a week of Mondays

jeff wrote:
> Michael Leone wrote:
>> You're a riot; why you aren't writing columns exclusively for a
>> living, I don't know.
> Thank you in all seriousness for saying so.
> The only reason I'm not getting paid is that no one has offered to pay 
> me.  Rather simple equation.  I have no idea who to talk to.

I wish I could help. I will say that I look forward to looking in my 
PLUG mail folder, and seeing your name.

Geez, does that make a fanboy? :-)

>> Do what everyone else does, and just arrow down to one of the built-in
>> reasons (such as hardware maintenance).
> but of course.
> I'd rather bitch about it though... you know... extra steps and all.

Yeah, my boss is the same way. He's a Windows-only guy, and his favorite 
line is "You know, sometimes Windows is just so completely retarded ...".

>> It actually *is* a Feature, and a useful one, at that (from the
>> viewpoint of the remote user
> You're gonna *love* this.
> We set the timeout to 30 minutes or so because of this problem.  A week 
> later I got a special request to move it to a few hours because users 
> were bitching about having to log back in (after they forgot to log 
> out).  I had to explain this to the requester very patiently and slowly.
> Additionally, I'm speaking of the 2 TS licenses included with the OS. 
> These connections were from crew, not users.  I'm seriously hoping crew 
> knows to log off.

There are lots of command line tools for Windows, including a whole slew 
of free GNU utilities. I have scripts that do backup functions that call 
on and depend on things like grep for windows,etc. And the SysInternals 
utilities are a godsend.

>> You could have told the servers to shutdown from the command prompt of
>> another server, actually. Look at the "shutdown" command, and point it
>> at the server in question.
> Ah yes, I've used that in the past.  I can only excuse my not using it 
> by being flustered and screaming like a loon.

Ah, the visuals. :-)

>> If this is what your blog posts look like, I really must subscribe ...
> Everyone is invited to judge for themselves.
> It's a weird mishmosh of whatever the above is, politics, lefty guitars, 
> tubes, and unpleasant social commentary.  It's labeled so if you don't 
> like one of the categories, you can ignore it.
> Most importantly, it keeps me nearly on-topic here and not posting too 
> much :)
> Thank you.


Hey, you should put the link to your blog in your .sig, BTW.

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