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Re: [PLUG] [almost OT] a week of Mondays

Michael Leone wrote:
> You're a riot; why you aren't writing columns exclusively for a
> living, I don't know.

Thank you in all seriousness for saying so.
The only reason I'm not getting paid is that no one has offered to pay 
me.  Rather simple equation.  I have no idea who to talk to.

> Do what everyone else does, and just arrow down to one of the built-in
> reasons (such as hardware maintenance).

but of course.
I'd rather bitch about it though... you know... extra steps and all.

> Exactly. I used to have a LOT of people who did exactly that - just
> disconnect, not log off. This way, their session is at the exact same
> state, when they come back from lunch or dinner, or whatever. They
> just pick up where they left off.
> It actually *is* a Feature, and a useful one, at that (from the
> viewpoint of the remote user

You're gonna *love* this.
We set the timeout to 30 minutes or so because of this problem.  A week 
later I got a special request to move it to a few hours because users 
were bitching about having to log back in (after they forgot to log 
out).  I had to explain this to the requester very patiently and slowly.

Additionally, I'm speaking of the 2 TS licenses included with the OS. 
These connections were from crew, not users.  I'm seriously hoping crew 
knows to log off.

> There's a command line command you can use to clear that, altho I
> don't recall offhand what it is.

I may have to start studying this.  I sure hope not.

> You could have told the servers to shutdown from the command prompt of
> another server, actually. Look at the "shutdown" command, and point it
> at the server in question.

Ah yes, I've used that in the past.  I can only excuse my not using it 
by being flustered and screaming like a loon.

> A very amusing story (for those not you, in that situation). We can
> all empathize, those who work in administration of machines.

One day I want to truly capture this in all its glory.
It's much less what goes wrong than the completely bizarre, otherworldly 
stuff that happens to us while trying to fix it.  Stuff that you 
couldn't do normally no matter how hard you tried.  Stuff that even Bill 
Gates can't make Windows do on a dare.

> If this is what your blog posts look like, I really must subscribe ...

Everyone is invited to judge for themselves.
It's a weird mishmosh of whatever the above is, politics, lefty guitars, 
tubes, and unpleasant social commentary.  It's labeled so if you don't 
like one of the categories, you can ignore it.

Most importantly, it keeps me nearly on-topic here and not posting too 
much :)

Thank you.

... Hey Congress - where's *MY* $165 billion?
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