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Re: [PLUG] possible preso

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JP Vossen wrote:
| Any chance on doing that one for PLUG West or North?  I'd like to
| see it, but am not going to be able to get down to the city for it.
| Some PANTUG members might like this one too.

entirely possible. i've not been to either location yet, but i work
quite closer to both of them than i do Central.
would PANTUG want a separate presentation or would they just try to
catch this presentation?

| Being a Security Geek, I'm a member of the ISSA-DV, and we talk
| about computer forensics a lot.

i'm a closet forensics nerd myself.

| I was able to tour the PA-RCFL ( which was
| pretty cool.  One of the things that came up is that Windows is/was
| the vast bulk of investigations, but cell phones and PDAs are on a
| hockey-stick rise.  So the first thing that jumped into my head was
| that this tool has very interesting implications there.

absolutely. being able to do raw dumps is always a huge plus. the
backup gui frontend they bundle with it is rather nice, as you can
initiate a "backup" (although that may not be what it's actually used
for) and 10-20 seconds later have a nice tarball of every text
message, contact, call log, activity log, e-mail, picture, etc. on
that phone. a bit intimidating, also- i am reminded of our recent
thread in regards to traveling abroad and data privacy rights.
| When I asked about Linux and/or encryption, they told me they
| hardly ever see either.  Mostly Windows, Phones/PDAs more and more,
| a few Macs, and that's mostly it.

that's kind of depressing, but i'm not surprised.
it's a world ruled by the big names out there, unfortunately.

i'd like the time to reiterate to everyone the importance of data
security, and the fact that your phone is incredibly insecure. doubly,
triply, 100x moreso if it's got bluetooth. don't keep sensitive
information on it. </soapbox>

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