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Re: [PLUG] Sea mammals (Formerly: "FF 3: back and forth buttons")

Ah!  "largely horrible" - interesting choice of words :-)

I just helped a associate through an install and configuration of opensuse 11 
and I'll note that "largely horrible" is faint condemnation compared to the 
things that we had to say about it!

Do you know that you cannot right-click and add a shortcut to the desktop?  Only 
"Widgets" can be added this way.  They appear to be applets - not simple 
shortcuts.  You cannot have different wallpapers for different desktops!! 
There were so many things that were missing or "broken" that frankly we were 
disgusted.  I'm hoping - no, PRAYING - that 4.1 is a quantum leap BACK to 3.x 
features and functionality.

The final upshot is that my associate is right now installing 10.x on the 
system.  It's going to a client as a workstation and he'll have to be able to 
support it.  Opensuse 11 appeared to be darn near unsupportable.  Too bad.

Perhaps we should be pushing Kubuntu?


Matthew Rosewarne wrote:
> On Wednesday 02 July 2008, Art Alexion wrote:
>> Well that's just weird.  Why are so many projects dumbing down
>> functionality (another example being Dolphin vs. Konqueror)?
> There's no reason you can't just use konqueror as a file manager and ignore
> dolphin completely.  It's not like they dumbed anything down, they just picked
> defaults that better suited more people.
> (Note: Don't judge from 4.0, which was largely horrible.  4.1 is already
> vastly better.)
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