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Re: [PLUG] Sea mammals (Formerly: "FF 3: back and forth buttons")

On Wednesday 02 July 2008, Eric wrote:
> I just helped a associate through an install and configuration of opensuse
> 11 and I'll note that "largely horrible" is faint condemnation compared to
> the things that we had to say about it!

It's no secret that I'm somewhat partial both to KDE and understatement, but 
calling that release "4.0" was a massive mistake in my view.

> Do you know that you cannot right-click and add a shortcut to the desktop? 
> Only "Widgets" can be added this way.  They appear to be applets - not
> simple shortcuts.  You cannot have different wallpapers for different
> desktops!! There were so many things that were missing or "broken" that
> frankly we were disgusted.  I'm hoping - no, PRAYING - that 4.1 is a
> quantum leap BACK to 3.x features and functionality.

It is quite true that there are plenty of features missing due to the massive 
overhaul of the entire codebase.  The Plasma desktop in particular was not at 
all ready in 4.0, and the panel still will not have the immense flexibility of 
kicker in 4.1.  However, unless you have a particularly zany kicker setup, 
you'll be at very least satisfied with the 4.1 panel.

There will *not*, however, be a return to the "old ways" of making the desktop 
an icon dumping ground.  Instead, that type of functionality has been replaced 
with the "folder view" widget.  Give it a fair try and it should convince you 
how much of a better approach it provides over kdesktop's.

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