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Re: [PLUG] Sea mammals (Formerly: "FF 3: back and forth buttons")

On Wednesday 02 July 2008, Art Alexion wrote:
> My understanding is that Konqueror/KDE4 uses dolphin.part for its file
> manager.  What is not clear is whether the Konqueror servicemenus, and
> things like smb:/, fonts:/ & audiocd:/ — things that don't currently work
> with dolphin — will continue to work with Konqueror.

Konqueror servicemenus should probably still work, but I couldn't say for sure 
since I don't really use any.

smb:/ and friends aren't actually related to konqueror or dolphin; most KDE 
apps can use those protocols.

> Konqueror 3 and all of its file and network functionality is my favorite
> part of KDE.

KIO definitely isn't going anay.

> I associated Konqueror with all of the stuff that now defaults to dolphin
> in KDE3, but my understanding is that much is to be removed from Konqueror
> itself in KDE4 (hence my "dumbing down" comment) and Konqueror as anything
> but an http/https browser is really dolphin masquerading as Konqueror.

Well, much of that had to do with the overhaul and complete rewriting of the 
file-browsing component, so features weren't removed intentionally but rather 
because they hadn't been rewritten yet.  Now that the tree view is back, I 
can't think of anything I'm missing from konqueror 3.5 off the top of my head.

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