Matthew Rosewarne on 25 Aug 2008 22:23:34 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] S/WAN song

On Monday 25 August 2008, Stephen Gran wrote:
> Drawing it out makes it easier to visualize, for me at least:

I tried the ASCII art route, but it got a bit tricky, so Kivio got the job.

On Monday 25 August 2008, Chad Vogelsong wrote:
> The simple solution is keep one at / and make
> the other /  Then on the left end point
> (1.1), you can say that 2.1 subnet goes to VPN tunnel.  Just the
> opposite on the right host (2.1), where 1.1 subnet gets routed to VPN
> tunnel.

Yeah, I was hoping I didn't have to do that.  The WRV54G's manual seemed to 
imply that both ends could be, but maybe that's just a Linksys 

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