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[PLUG] nettop?

I'm waiting for Dell to get back to me on their nettop, which was
supposed to have been out last week.  Meanwhile I found this:

I know there has been talk about the Asus nettop and others here.
I have some questions for the people who have played with these units:

What is the performance hit?
 -I run an AMD Turion64 x2 on my laptop and recent dual core cpu's on
desktops.  If I get a nettop, will I pull my hair out waiting for a
command to execute?  Are the Atoms as hot as I've read?

How does the display work at 1024x600?
 -I'm sure it works.  Is it weird to operate at this resolution?  My
current laptop has a 15.4" display.

Does Ubuntu play nicely?  Perform well?  Is there a gain from running
XFCE?  Is it possible?

Does XP drag like mad?  Is it different from desktop XP?

I'm probably going to need a cellular modem/air card.  I've only seen
pcmcia's.  I understand they come in USB.  Would this be my best bet?

With this in mind, should I play with the nettops or spare myself the
grief and find a really thin, lightweight laptop?  The main use is to
carry for emergencies.  Current laptop = HEAVY.

Many thanks,

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