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Re: [PLUG] Digital Mistakes & PLUG Business

On Mon, Sep 1, 2008 at 7:31 PM, Elizabeth Bevilacqua <> wrote:

...or if a potential employer finds some really brilliant post of mine
and wants to offer me a six figure salary to sit around and be awesome
- I want them to be able to email me :D

i can second this and speak from experience, as i have gotten my previous 2 jobs because of my posts to the list and other publicly archived, google-able posts.

i'm proud of the posts i make to the list, and want them to be searchable.

i also agree with PLS re: gpg-signing emails (which, on the side, i apologise for not signing this email; i'm using gmail's webclient and i believe the gpg browser plugins compromise the integrity of the gpg infrastructure)-
you sign your emails because you WANT people to know they're from you.

i'm glad the posts will remain searchable and archived publicly. i know for a fact that i've come across helpful posts from my own LUG when on google-treks for solving an issue :)
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