Brian Stempin on 1 Sep 2008 16:05:04 -0700

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Re: [PLUG] Digital Mistakes & PLUG Business

Brian V wrote:
Most human mistakes
are forgiven and forgotten in the real world. Digital
mistakes however take on a life of their own and almost
never go away.

If this is your motivation for wanting to make yourself anonymous, then I'd recommend:
1.  Making yourself anonymous.
2.  Rectify your digital mistakes...digitally.

Everyone on this list has been in a flame-war, wrong, or rude at some point in time.  If you're embarrassed about a mistake that you made, than simply admit your mistake and move on.

Think about it:  you're asking PLUG to change the way that they store this archive instead of just saying, "I'm sorry, I was wrong", or, "Ahh, I see...I've learned", or even, "I still don't agree, but that's ok."  You already have what you need to protect yourself from (and correct) digital mistakes.  I'd suggest taking the responsibility to fix your mistakes.
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