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Re: [PLUG] email being rejected - no real explanation offered


> Today I sent a request to Verizon to ask why email from a client's
> domain is 
> being returned from addresses as "undeliverable".
>> snip


Business or residential, T1 or >, or xDSL or FIOS....?

Co-locations, or use a non-Verizon dsl provider.
Or and highly recommended Comcast Business Class
Highspeed at your home if a residence. The only
difference is you need to sign a yearly contract,
you get static ip's up to 13 with justification that
you pay for and NO REAL RESTRICTIONS on servers or mail.
They even do the ptr records for you so reverse
lookups work. You get instant access on a business 
class support line to their tier 2 staff(m-f 9 - 8
edt) which have performed everything I've 
requested. Again these were are requests not 
problems. It's a do whatever you want 
******within reason.*******

Do a report on my domain
virtually perfect except I block some stuff on port
25. They are even doing SPF records now if you get 
them to host your dns, which is not required.

Sending SPAM is not included within reason just to
be clear.

I've never been happier with a service provider.
I get my TV at residential prices and my internet at
the same price I was paying for my residential 
broadband account with the exception of paying for
the static ip's. 

Everyone I've recommend has been
thrilled. My day job is switching over to them after
getting a quote from Verzion for 900/month for a T3.
We have multi-office and they are also doing the 
VPN's for us which will say on their network as
opposed to crossing boundaries over multiple ISP's.

Try it for 30 days what have you got to lose.

I'm certain this post will bring out all the
anti-comcast drones. Try it for 30 days, if you
aren't happy find another solution. 

Also, you can haggle a little about what they
charge you. 

That's all I'm going to say about it.

Brian Vagnoni
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