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Re: [PLUG] help with filling a sysadmin position

On Oct 2, 2008, at 11:20 AM, Omar Thameen wrote:
> I'm surprised that a couple people suggested including transportation
> info since I have some there (15-20 mins. from Philly, access to
> 95 and 476), and figured Media, PA is easy enough to enter into a
> map site or track down on the septa site.  However, adding notes
> about the trains/buses won't be distracting.

This is a Green issue as much as an access issue ...

You make the same assumption that far too many HR people make ---
that EVERYONE, not  only owns a car, but also is willing to use that
car for a daily commute.

It brands your organization as part of "the old economy," clearly not
cognizant of those issues which are of importance to today's younger
people (let alone old retired farts like me.) [And that is independent  
the price of gasoline at $4.00+ per gallon.]

I happen to live in University City, and there are a HUGE number of  
here who have opted to, A) live in the city because of its amenities and
conveniences and B) forgo  the ownership and use of a private vehicle
for a daily job commute. PhillyCarShare and ZipCar have both done
extremely well in the area with many PODs available. Others here are,
and have been, strong advocates for Public Transportation, long before
Al Gore declared his "Inconvenient Truth."

And while Media is itself easy enough to get to via SEPTA, where is your
company in relationship to bus and train stations... is it a 15-20  
minute walk
AFTER one gets to Media? Can you walk to your company's location at all?
(Lots of places in the suburbs not only have no sidewalks, but prohibit
pedestrians from walking along the road sides.

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