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Re: [PLUG] LVM issues

On Wednesday 08 October 2008, Art Alexion wrote:
> There is a 254 MB /boot partition, but when I access the LV, there seems to
> be one there as well.  Unless that is just the /boot partition mounted on
> /.

The LV should have an empty /boot directory where the boot partition would be 

> As I mentioned, the hardware is identical except for the replacement of one
> drive.  Can I just boot an LV-aware LiveCD and copy everything
> (except /boot, /proc, /tmp, etc.) to the new drive and just adjust the UUID
> of the new drive for the old drive in /etc/fstab?  I assume I can't
> overwrite a running system by booting the new drive and copying everything
> over to it.

Did you want to keep the new drive and/or remove the old one?  You shouldn't 
need to do either to get GRUB working.

> It is telling me that it is installing grub to the old drive with the LV,
> but when I boot it, I just get a black screen with "GRUB " on it (not a
> prompt, just the word) and no input accepted.  I can ctrl+alt+del, but
> can't type anything.

You'll want to use a chroot to install grub.  Boot with a livecd, mount the LV 
somewhere, mount the boot partition to the "boot" directory on the LV, then 
"mount -o bind" /dev, /proc, and /sys to their respective dirs on the LV.  
chroot into the LV then run "grub-install [boot partition]" and "update-grub".

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